Frequently Asked Questions

I have been asked these three specific questions by many. However, if there is something you’d like to ask me, feel free to raise the question in a post or email me at

What made you become a “blogger”?

Well, I definitely love journaling. I often look back at previous entries just to see where I was mentally that day years prior. I’ve been blown away several times. Mainly at my growth. I’ve been in some pretty dark places and low points in my life and seeing how I’ve evolved and managed to overcome those times encouraged me to make my most personal moments public; in hopes of helping someone else through their difficult moments. So, for that reason, I’ve decided to blog and write as I would in my journal.

Would you recommend blogging?

Umm, I don’t discourage it. For me, it’s about healing myself and helping others. Therefore, I would ask, why are you interested in it? And if one feels through their reasoning that it could be beneficial to another individual, I say go for it!

Are you worried about what others may think?

Honestly, yes! I’m worried about people caring about the things that doesn’t matter to me, like…my grammatical errors. This site is my therapeutic platform with the hopes of one relating to my story/stories and just feeling better at knowing they aren’t alone. Who cares if the message isn’t written in perfect grammar? I write how I speak. Another worry of mine is the talk behind my personal pain…it’s no joke! And if one is here to make fun of my pain or to judge me, then my hope is that whomever they decide to discuss my blog to, takes a look at it for themselves and love it just as much as I do…hahahaha!


  1. Rayna

    I absolutely love everything about this site! You did a great job putting it together. It really shows pure, raw emotion and passion and I’m proud of you for being so transparent because I know its not easy. I love you so much and I pray this touches ppl beyond what you’ve ever imagined. Xoxo

    1. Meia Amor

      My Ray-Ray! Thanks so much! You know this means a lot to me. I love you too! XOXO

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