Unlike many of you, I do not have a new year’s resolution. Late last night, I heard resolutions being discussed on the television and at that moment is when I realized I had not thought of one thing to work on this year. And I am perfectly ok with that. I have this gut feeling of excitement that is indescribable. I am fine with allowing God to do His thing. Ending any year and starting a new is always exciting, but this year, I feel even more excitement within my spirit. I do not know why or what it is, but I have this wonderful gut feeling that I am excited about. Weird! But I love it!

2017 was kind to me. I spent a lot of time evaluating myself, learning from the lessons the universe had sent my way and working on getting well (from depression).  2017 taught me that things do not always turn out the way that we expect them to. It is great to have a plan, but all plans do not work out the way that we envision them to, only because things can go wrong. BUT! We must learn to live with things we cannot change and trust God’s reason for the redirection. I believe in God’s timing and 2017 taught me that He will do things at the most appropriate time when it is meant for me. This past year taught me that things will go wrong and I cannot fix everything. 2017 was a great reminder of people coming into my life for a reason and or season, as it presented friendships that looks lifetime worthy. I gained a new job in my field at the end of 2017. Overall, in the lessons, not only did I learn that everything does not go as planned, but I’ve also learned that I can get through the tough and bad times and come out on top. Even if it did not work out like I planned for it to.

Now that 2018 is here, I’ve interpreted the New Year as an opportunity to experience a new, again. A RESET! I get another chance at experiencing holidays, vacations and fun times. Another year to live and prayerfully celebrate another year at getting older. Another year to try things I’m most interested in and possibly new things I didn’t get to experience last year. 2018 is another year to live a happier and healthier life. For me, not a resolution, but a reset at my current life.

To all my planners and goal setters, please don’t confuse my lack of interest at setting a resolution to mean it’s meaningless, because it is not. I definitely believe in a plan. I have a planner, an organizer, journal and all kind of intentional forms of documenting. My point behind this post, is, to be ok with what the Universe has in store for you and the changes God makes in your plan because ultimately, that’s how you learn what your calling is, who you are and what your purpose is. Often we plan and set our resolutions outside of what’s for us; even in the simple ones. Or a detour happens and we just forget all about why we decided on it in the beginning. Just live people! Experience life. Find out who you really are, because finding your true self is the true purpose to your plan.

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